Fetty Wap Sentenced to Six Years in Federal Prison

East coast rapper Fetty Wap has been officially sentenced to federal prison. Born Willie Maxwell, Fetty Wap was convicted for his involvement in a drug-trafficking scheme. He was first arrested in October 2021 for conspiracy to smuggle large amounts of drugs such as heroine and fentanyl. During the hearing, Maxwell apologized for his actions, accepted the consequences and shared that "being selfish in my pride put me in this position today."

In response, U.S. District Judge Joanna Seybert said, "You’ve got a lot going for you. See if you can put it together."

California Lawmakers Propose "Ebony Alert" for Missing Black Women and Children

Lawmakers in California have proposed a new bill to combat the lack of visibility given toward the search of missing Black women and kids. The bill would initiate the creation of the "ebony alert," which would specifically designate law enforcement to request that detailed attention be given to Black missing persons on an as needed basis.

"Existing law requires a law enforcement agency to activate the Emergency Alert System within the appropriate area if that agency determines that a child 17 years of age or younger, or an individual with a proven mental or physical disability, has been abducted and is in imminent danger of serious bodily injury or death, and there is information available that, if disseminated to the general public, could assist in the safe recovery of that person.," says the bill. It continues, "Existing law also authorizes the issuance and coordination of a “Silver Alert” relating to a person who is 65 years of age or older, developmentally disabled, or cognitively impaired who is reported missing, and a “Feather Alert” relating to an endangered indigenous person who has been reported missing under unexplained or suspicious circumstances."

2020 American Idol Winner Shares She Is Singing for Donations

Former American Idol winner Just Sam took to social media to share that she has returned to her roots of singing for donations in the New York subways. In a clip posted to Instagram, she is seen singing Ariana Grande's "Almost Is Never Enough" with a caption that has since been removed. The caption initially read, as reported by The Sun, "I was disappointed in myself for allowing myself to fall so low after winning Idol, but then I had to take it easy on me and remember that I started my journey with Idol at 20 years old. Not even knowing anything about Hollywood or the music industry...Since then, I have learned so much and I've been able to take my experiences and share them with other artists in hopes that they don't experience the same things that I did when it comes to making it in this life."