Halle Bailey Sings Black National Anthem at NFL Season Opener
In an ethereal manner only she could deliver, Halle Bailey delivered a uniquely soulful rendition of James Weldon Johnson and J. Rosamond Johnson's Lift Every Voice and Sing, known intimately within the Black community as the Black National Anthem. Performed during the NFL's Season Opener, Bailey's performance of the song was met with positive reception from the audience and those watching at home. The inclusion of the Black National Anthem in sporting events is a relatively new component, specifically for NFL games.

New York City to Unveil 'Say Their Names' Memoriam Exhibition in Former Seneca Village

In what was once the historic Black neighborhood called Seneca Village, New York City will unveil a exhibition to honor the Black lives lost on account of racial injustice. The Say Their Names Memorial is produced by the San Diego African American Museum of Fine Art in conjunction with the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture and the New York Urban League. Through augmented reality, the exhibition will display over 200 years of lineage and history relating to those who died due to the varying forms of racism. Mimicking other Say Their Name Memorials across the country, names such as Breonna Taylor and Emmett Till will be on display in the exhibit. Starting September 17th, the exhibit will been on display in Central Park, near West 85th Street, the former location of Seneca Village.

50 Cent Instigates Feud Between Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj

Lil Kim released a remix to Megan Thee Stallions newest hits "Plan B" to match the same bravado of the original track. However, fellow rapper 50 Cent, known as an instigator on social media, espoused the belief that Lil Kim was making subliminal jabs about Nicki Minaj's son. 50 Cent then went as far as to comment on Lil Kim's daughter's facial features. In response to 50 Cent and fans who rallied behind his statement, Lil Kim clarified that she never referenced anyone's child and that she ultimately would not stand for such negativity. Her child's father also took to social media to defend their daughter.