Hakeem Jeffries Faces Negativity Over Past Controversy

CNN published a report that revealed House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries' defending his uncle, Black studies Professor Leonard Jeffries, remarks about Jewish people. Professor Jeffries lost his job for his conviction that "rich Jewish people" were in the trans-Atlantic slave trade and that there is a conspiracy in Hollywood.

“Dr. Leonard Jeffries and Minister Louis Farrakhan have come under intense fire. Where do you think their interests lie? Dr. Jeffries has challenged the existing white supremacist educational system and long standing distortion of history. His reward has been a media lynching complete with character assassinations and inflammatory erroneous accusations," said Jeffries in 1992.

The report showed an essay that the Minority Leader wrote in college in support of his uncle. In previous years, he had rejected the remarks his uncle made which contradicts this current revelation. In a statement to CNN, a spokesperson from Jeffries’ office said "Leader Jeffries has consistently been clear that he does not share the controversial views espoused by his uncle over thirty years ago."

Megan Thee Stallion Claims Old Record Label Owes Her Additional Funds

In an updated filing of her lawsuit against 1501 Certified record label, rapper Megan Thee Stallion claims that she is owed money that is currently being withheld by the label's owner Carl Crawford.

"Pete seeks the appointment of a receiver to take possession of 1501 until this dispute is resolved, or in the alternative, the appointment of a receiver to take possession of all of 1501’s bank accounts and any other bank accounts controlled or owned by Carl Crawford, including the bank accounts to which the money siphoned out of the bank account was transferred into," read the lawsuit.

Atlanta Inmate Eaten Alive by Bed Bugs While Incarcerated

After being arrested last summer for a misdemeanor, inmate LaShawn Thompson died due to an infestation of bed bugs at the Fulton County Jail. His family recently spoke out about the incident and have a lawsuit that is currently pending. The family's lawyer Michael D. Harper said in a statement,"Mr. Thompson was found dead in a filthy jail cell after being eaten alive by insects and bed bugs. We're asking for a criminal investigation into the matter and (major) changes at the jail."