Jay-Z Seeks to End Partnership With Bacardi

After news this week of Jay-Z's lawsuit against Bacardi for "the brand’s lack of financial transparency in their partnership with D’Usse," the rapper is planning to bring an official end to their collaboration. Per reports, Jay-Z is looking to sell his stake in the spirits company. As stated in a court document, he believes that the brand's subsidiary company Empire Investments Inc., is using preventative measures to dissuade the mogul from uncovering the full value of D’Ussé.

Smithsonian Returns Historical Artifacts to Benin

The Smithsonian’s National Museum of African Art has returned 29 Benin bronze artifacts to their original home in Nigeria. The bronze artifacts were initially stolen in 1897 after a raid of the the National Commission for Museums and Monuments' collection in Nigeria.

Lonnie Bunch, Secretary of the Smithsonian stated, “Not only was returning ownership of these magnificent artifacts to their rightful home the right thing to do, it also demonstrates how we all benefit from cultural institutions making ethical choices. Sharing knowledge and stewardship with origin communities will help us better understand and preserve important cultural heritage like the Benin bronzes and illuminate it for future generations in the United States and around the world.” This bronzes' return is part of the Smithsonian's new ethical returns policy that was announced earlier this year.

America Is Facing a Shortage of Black Sperm Donors

In a new study conducted by the Washington Post, the study found that there is a national shortage of Black sperm donors. Some of the reasoning behind the shortage include a "failure of sperm banks to recruit Black donors; a selection process that demands a three-generation medical history and excludes donors with felony convictions; mistrust of the medical profession by Black men because of a legacy of historical discrimination." Additionally, gay men are not allowed to donate.

The shortage has resulted in an intense competition for sperm from Black donors and ultimately impacts Black women. Washington Post reporter Amber Ferguson discovered, “If it's a White woman, she could just so easily get a sperm donor. And if it doesn't work, she can get another one. She can get another one. For a Black woman, if she is lucky enough to find a Black donor, it's really maybe one of her only chances.”