Kamala Harris To Tackle Racial Bias in Home Valuations

Vice President Kamala Harris has vowed to work toward ending racial bias when it comes to home valuations. After a spike in discrimination against Black homeowners, Harris is announcing that the Biden administration has developed a rule to combat this.

"Today, I’m proud to announce we are developing a rule that will require that financial institutions ensure that their appraisal algorithms are not biased; for example, that they do not produce lower valuations for homes owned by people of color. We are also releasing the guidance to make it easier for consumers to appeal what they suspect to be unbiased valuation," said Vice President Harris.

Bill Cosby Accused in New Sexual Assault by Former Playboy Model

Victoria Valentino, a former Playboy model, is accusing Bill Cosby of drugging her and of sexual assault. Valentino is alleging that the incident took place in 1969 and said she met Cosby at an audition following the passing of her son. He gave her and a roommate a pill after running into them at Café Figaro that was supposed to make them "feel better" due to their grief. After taking the pill, she became unconscious. Valentino claims that Cosby "orally and vaginally raped her."

Valentino shared in a statement, “No matter how much of a settlement comes out of this, and if, you know, if nothing comes out of it, it doesn’t matter, because it will never replace what was taken from me."

Naomi Osaka Releases Digital Apparel Collection With Meta

Tennis champion Naomi Osaka has partnered with Meta to release a line of digital apparel. The collection is available in the Meta Avatars store and launched five new outfits.

As reported by People, Osaka shared the inspiration behind the line. "I wanted to create a piece for the Meta Avatars Store that felt sporty with my name and birth year (‘97), but also chic and elevated. That’s how this dress came to life. It’s still sporty with the last name and numbers—but the ruffled hems, bungee waist and off-the-shoulder neckline feel feminine and a bit unexpected."