Kanye West Apologizes for Anti-Semitic Remarks

After experiencing a surplus of losses to his pocket this past week, Kanye West has apologized for his anti-Semitic comments. In conversation with MIT research scientist Lex Fridman, West expressed regret for his harmful statements and how he feels connected to those who identify as Jewish. He also expressed that he believes that there should be a sense of unity between Black and Jewish people so that their respective "talents" can be combined.

Folks across are still waiting for him to apologize for the harmful statements he made about the Black community.

Emmett Till Statue Unveiled in Mississippi

A nine-foot bronze statue of Emmett Till in the downtown Rail Spike Parkin of Greenwood, Mississippi has been unveiled. The area is approximately 40 miles south of where Till was lynched and brutalized on Aug. 28, 1955. Rev. Wheeler Parker Jr., Till's last remaining family member said, "This is a great day as we take another leap forward in recognizing the life and legacy of Emmett Till." The statue resembles one of the most notorious images of Till in which he dons a white button-down shirt and slacks while tipping his hat.

Penn State Reverses Plan to Establish New Center for Racial Justice

After making a public commitment to racial equity in 2020, Penn State has now revoked its plans to create a Center for Racial Justice. President Neeli Bendapudi formally announce the halting of such plans this morning and stated that the institution could no longer fund the project. The proposal for the center was a monumental effort for the school in light of the global protests against racial injustice that occurred two years ago.