Mass Shooting in Florida

On Memorial Day, a mass shooting took place in Hollywood, Florida. Nine people were shot—including 4 minors and 5 adults—in the tragic incident and six of them are in stable condition. Police detained two men who they believe were involved with the shooting and are asking for the public's help in finding more information.

Shannon Sharpe's Los Angeles Home Burglarized

Shannon Sharpe was the victim of a recent burglary on his home. It was reported that the Undisputed sports commentator noticed that things around himself appeared to be off, prompting him to call police. Sharpe lost approximately $1 million worth of designer items such as watches, jewelry, and bags. It was also reported that he additionally put out a $50k reward for help finding those who perpetrated this robbery.

Founders of South Carolina Juneteenth Event Catch Backlash

Organizers of a Greenville, SC Juneteenth event are facing heat for their approach to their upcoming event. Banners advertising the event showed white and Latinx couples on the flyer which many folks took as being insulting. Rueben Hays, the founder of Juneteenth Greenville, said that the intent of using those advertisements were to promote unity.

"The act of putting these banners up and representing them the way that we wanted them represented was really a decision made by Juneteenth GVL. It was approved by myself, as well as my co-founders. And we feel like they bring the right type of messaging of unity, freedom and love," said Hays to NBC-affiliated WYFF4.