Media Veteran Debra Lee Reveals Shocking Affair

Businesswoman and former chairwoman of BET Networks Debra Lee revealed that she had an affair with Robert Johnson—the founder of the network—while they were both married. While promoting her new memoir I Am Debra Lee on Good Morning America, Lee spoke in great detail about the affair exposing a harmful power dynamic in which Johnson threatened her job when she wanted to end the relationship. "After #MeToo and Time's Up, I wanted women to know that there are other kinds of harassment. It's not always a man coming to the door in a robe," shared Debra Lee to Hoda Kotb.

Glorilla Concert Stampede Results in Death and Numerous Injuries

Last night, rapper Glorilla's concert at a Rochester, NY establishment resulted in the death of two people and several serious injuries. Gunshots were fired which caused a stampede. The Memphis-born rapper tweeted her apologies and condolences for those who lost their lives or were injured at her concert. Locals have said that the venue had a reputation for being a "death trap" due to its structure and unsafe conditions.

Civil Rights Activist Pauli Murray to be Honored on U.S. Quarter

The U.S. Mint announced that trailblazing civil rights activist Pauli Murray will be celebrated with an issue of the U.S. quarter. Murray will be a part of a cohort of American women who will be honored through the Mint’s American Women Quarters Program. The coin is set to be released to the public in 2024.