Rachel Dolezal's OnlyFans Content Leaked

The name Rachel Dolezal will ring a bell for many who will remember her for gaining notoriety in 2015 for pretending to be Black person in an effort to promote her activism. After doing so for several years, the public revelation forced her to stepped down from her role as president of the Spokane, Washington chapter of the NAACP. Dolezal, who also goes by Nkechi Amare Diallo, has since released a Netflix documentary, The Rachel Divide, about her belief in being "trans-racial."

Recently, she has found herself the target of an OnlyFans leak where images of her in lingerie have hit the internet. OnlyFans is a popular content subscription that often showcases sexy images service. Dolezal's reps state that she started her OnlyFans page to honor Rihanna's Savage x Fenty line. Dolezal has reportedly had the page since the beginning of 2022.

Taylor Hale Becomes First Black Woman to Win Big Brother

After a challenging season, Taylor Hale became the first Black woman to win Big Brother. Throughout the season, supporters of Hale along with alumni of the show vocalized their support after seeing how she has been mistreated by others in the house. Hale's housemates were seen conspiring against her; they had planned to form an all white alliance against her.

Hale's closing statement encouraged voters “to make the hard decision and change the course of this game and choose progress," which led her to win in a vote of eight to one. The final episode also marked the first time in Big Brother's history that two Black contestants were the final two houseguests. Hale is also the first contestant to be named both champion and America’s “favorite houseguest.” Her winnings include $800,000 in prize money.

Bishop TD Jakes Bestows "Woman Thou Art Loosed" Conference to His Daughter Sarah Jakes Roberts

At the conclusion of Bishop TD Jakes's final Woman Thou Art Loosed conference, he passed the torch to his daughter Sarah Jakes Roberts. In an emotional speech, he gave a blessing to the transformation of the notorious religious event, which will be renamed Woman Evolve in 2023. "I have watched you grow from my baby girl into a leader, changemaker, and influencer with a reach far beyond generations of women. You’ve touched the lives of so many, and as your earthly father, I’ve never been prouder," said Jakes to his daughter.