Soccer Legend Pelé's Health Worsens

The health condition of soccer icon and Brazil's former Minister of Sports Pelé has taken a turn for the worse. for over a year, he had been receiving progressive care for his cancer diagnosis which resulted in kidney and cardiac dysfunctions at Albert Einstein Hospital in Sao Paulo. His daughter Kely Nascimento posted on Instagram about his condition. “Insta family, our Christmas at home has been suspended. We decided with doctors that, for many reasons, it will be best for us to stay here, with all the care that this new family at Einstein gives us,” said Nascimento.

Shaquille O'Neal Seeks Over $1.3M In Damages Over Failed Cannabis Partnership

Former NBA player Shaquille O'Neal is seeking over $1.3 million in damages following a failed partnership with Cannabis company Viceroy LLC. O'Neal and his business partner Jerome Crawford invested $150,000 in the company around 2017. However, the two sued the company last year for $1 million after the company failed to generate revenue or build a structure for the project. The founder of the company Daron Campbell agreed to return the funds but failed to make the necessary payments to rectify the issue. “Campbell had made no further payments as of September 30, 2019, but he reiterated his intent to do so on that date by stating in an email to O’Neal and his representatives,” reads the court filing.

Airbnb Bans Usage of Slave Cabins for Rentals

In a new announcement, Airbnb has finally prohibited the usage of slave cabins as rental properties on its platform. The new policy states that the rental will be taken down from its site “if structures that existed during the time of slavery are still present on the property.” Earlier this year, Airbnb caught fire from its allowance of slave cabins to be rented as "luxury accommodations."