The Little Mermaid Trailer Receives 1.5 Million Dislikes on YouTube

The Little Mermaid trailer starring Halle Bailey has received a multitude of racist backlash from those who believe that Bailey is not a proper representation of the film's main character. Many across social media have outwardly expressed their disgust with the upcoming Disney live action movie due to Bailey being a Black woman and have gone as far as to say they would boycot the release. The trailer for the movie received over 1.5 million dislikes from racist trolls on YouTube, prompting the platform to turn off the dislike counter.

Halle Bailey has gracefully risen above the negativity and thanked those for their outpouring of love and support since the trailer dropped.

Music Executive Chaka Zulu Arrested on Murder Charges

Notable music executive Chaka Zulu was arrested in Atlanta on murder charges. Zulu, born Ahmed Obafemi, has been identified as a suspect in a murder that took place in June outside a strip mall in the Buckhead area as shared by the Atlanta Police Department. He turned himself in recently into the Fulton County Jail.

Chaka Zulu, who is also a longtime manager of rapper Ludacris, has garnered the support of many across the entertainment industry who believe that he has been wrongfully charged.

Vic Mensa Gives Away More Than $10,000 In Gas

Chicago-bred rapper Vic Mensa is no stranger to community service and giving back to those in need. Recently, Mensa, through his cannabis company 93 Boyz, donated approximately $10,000 worth of gas to communities in need in his hometown. The donation helped to fill up about 200 cars.