Tim Scott Announces Bid for Presidency

Today, Republican Senator Tim Scott announced his 2024 bid for presidency. Representing the state of South Carolina, Senator Scott took pride in his conservative platform and his belief that America is not racist. He is currently the only Black senator to occupy the Senate. In his speech, Scott shared, "We need a president who persuades not just our friends and our base. We have to have a compassion for people who don't agree with us. We have to believe that our ideas are so strong and so powerful and so persuasive that we can actually take it to the highest points in the world and be successful but we also have to be able to take it all the way down to places that today are hopeless and prove that who we are works for all Americans."

SWV Gets Street Named in Their Honor

SWV’s Coko and Lelee were inducted into the Bronx Walk of Fame. In an emotional tribute, the two revealed the street sign with their names on it while their sister Taj, a Brooklynite, watched on in excitement. This was on the heels of them receiving the Urban Music Icon Award at 2023 Black Music Honors.

Ja Morant's Nike Collaboration Removed

Ja Morant's shoe collaboration with Nike has been removed from the brand's app. The removal is likely a result of the controversy surrounding his second offense of flashing a gun on Instagram Live Since the incident occurred, Morant has been suspended from the Memphis Grizzlies and is facing larger repercussions. He was just in trouble for the exact same reason less than two months ago.

Leona Serao to Fly Solo Around the World

23-year-old commercial pilot Leona Serao is off to make history. Serao is in gear to become the first Black woman to fly around the world solo. Born in the United States, Leona Serao was raised in the Democratic Republic of Congo where only 3 women out of 100 million pilots hold licenses. Upon completion, she will become “the first African woman to fly solo around the world, the youngest African to fly solo around the world, the first Congolese to fly solo around the world.” Serao is currently accepting donations to help her achieve this accomplishment.

Derek Chauvin Seeks Review of Conviction

Derek Chauvin, one of the former police officers responsible for the 2020 death of George Floyd, is arguing that he was denied the right to a fair trial. Chauvin's attorney filed documents that stated that the "pervasive adverse publicity" impacted the outcome of his case. Last month, a three-judge Minnesota Court of Appeals upheld his conviction and is now waiting on whether or not the Minnesota Supreme Court will review the decision.