This week, EBONY Media is proud and thrilled to announce the creation of EBONY Studios, our latest hub for producing multi-platform premium content sourced from Black creators. EBONY Studios is an all-inclusive full-service production platform that will span categories across film, television, audio and digital programs under the EBONY umbrella.

One of the inaugural projects for EBONY Studios is the feature length documentary film Sincerely, Los Angeles. The film, directed by Patrick Green, chronicles the period during the immediate aftermath of Kobe Bryant’s death, when images of the Laker Legend’s storybook life began showing up across Los Angeles in the form of elaborate memorials that started as a movement throughout the city and now stretches across the world. It is about how everyday people turned tragedy into triumph by tapping into their inner Mamba Mentality to inspire their neighbors, help each other deal with the challenges of 2020, while honoring the lives lost on January 26th, 2020. The film features Kobe muralists, art historians, entertainers, LA culture icons, and ordinary Angelenos who’re honoring Kobe by becoming better versions of themselves, whether they be athletes, artists, or just “girl dads."

Ty Cameron, president of EBONY Studios, is at the helm of this innovative and game-changing endeavor as President. Harnessing over 20 years’ experience as a senior media executive and dealmaker, Cameron has served in leadership roles in sales, content and brand partnerships, and business development across traditional and emerging media, having worked at major media companies including CBS Television and BET Networks. Prior to joining EBONY, Cameron was the Head of Distribution of Uninterrupted, a sports media company and athlete empowerment brand founded by LeBron James. Below, Cameron discusses his plans for broadening the landscape for Black creators to share their stories and visions with the public at large.

EBONY: What is your vision for EBONY Studios?

Ty Cameron: What's paramount for me as I step into this role is to preserve the legacy of the EBONY story as well as the American story by creating content that stems across, television, film, audio, digital and branded entertainment. In order to do this, we must tell stories that create real value in the Black community and the overall American community. Additionally through EBONY Studios, we will build a strong library of film, television & audio content to further amplify the voices of creatives of color and be the home of choice of creatives and talent of color. We will continue to rise to become a global leader in culture from the Black perspective all while simultaneously shaping the culture in the world as it should be versus what it currently is.

Even in 2022, we are still facing negative stereotypes about people of color. Through the creation of EBONY Studios, we will change this narrative on how we are viewed by shifting toward less negative stereotypes and more aspirational tropes. Everyone should be able to relate to our content as there’s a little piece of everyone in everything that we do. Therefore, we wan to create content that is Inclusive & global with characters, products, franchises and stories that emanate from our rich Black culture. With EBONY Studios, we will also aim to provide jobs and opportunities for deserving candidates that may not have the same opportunities elsewhere. Lastly, my vision is to be committed to premium quality while remaining on the forefront of creativity and innovation.

Why is EBONY Studios important to the EBONY legacy?

EBONY Studios is important to the EBONY legacy because it provides us the opportunity to tell our culture's past, present and future stories through a medium that will live on forever. EBONY Studios also provides us the opportunity to tell these stories in unique and entertaining formats that have never been done.

Can you speak to the importance of amplifying Black creatives and other creative of colors on a Black-owned platform?

While technology has made it easier for creators to gain access in addition to visibility to showcase their talents and work, there still remains a high level of inequality in the process of how opportunities are granted and distributed within the entertainment industry. Therefore, we must treat it as our duty and responsibility to amplify creators of color on a Black owned platform. By being a champion for creators of color, we can be the home and launching pad for the next generation of great actors, writers, directors and producers.

What makes you most excited about the future of EBONY Studios?

Besides having a great team to work with and building a solid foundation for the long term, I'm most excited by the pure volume of interesting articles, IP and the quality of the stories in the Ebony Magazines that will keep us busy for a very long time. I am also very excited by the fact that we're building something very special and there is no ceiling of what we can do in the future. Lastly, I believe that as time continues and our business evolves, we will be able to say that we've been able to create jobs and opportunities for many talented people in the industry.