I’m no pro for driving in NYC, so when I was asked to test-drive a car for the first time ever, I was a wee bit nervous. From the craziness that is New York driving (and sometimes, drivers) to the huge city with hundreds of streets and one-way roads, I couldn’t fathom how I'd make it through an entire weekend driving by myself.

When I came outside to get the keys to my weekend whip, I couldn’t believe how cute the car was. From the outside, it looks a little small. Well, the car is small, but the interior made up for it. I didn’t think that a mini vehicle could be so spacious. But truthfully, I felt comfortable with the size! After entering the ride, I realized that this was not a “baby car” (as one of my friends dubbed it). Chevy's Spark was spacious, smooth-riding and really good on gas.

For the weekend, I never had to refill the tank (like, ever), and I drove from Brooklyn to Harlem and back a few times. The car fits about two people comfortably in the back, but we managed to squeeze in an extra body, and the ride wasn’t a horrible experience for the backseaters.

Here were some of my favorite aspects of the car:

First of all, it was pink! And not a bright outlandish pink, but a subtle shade called Techno Pink. The vehicle also comes in various other colors.

Secondly, the car has tons of technology apps, including MyLink, which lets you sync your Pandora to play. Yes Chevy, you know just how much I hate the radio.

Thirdly, if I wanted to buy this car, I probably could. It’s less than $15,000.

Fourth, it was easy as hell to park. Parallel parking is not my thing. Parking this car took me about three minutes! I could also find parking so much easier because the car is small.

Fifth, the trunk space was very accommodating. My roomies and I went on a major shopping trip, and packed at least 10 shopping bags in the trunk.

Finally, I received major compliments on my weekend ride. A few guys even asked if they could trade with me for the night!

For more information on the Chevy Spark Mini Car, check out the media page.

Melanie Yvette Martin