Whether it's a verse on one of his hit songs or a segment on his podcast with his son Halo, rapper 2 Chainz is always going to give it to you straight. Lucky for us, he gave us the lowdown on his skincare regimen, which includes Black-owned brand Buttah Skin.

Buttah Skin was founded by beauty aficionado Dorion Renaud as a solve for skincare related challenges experienced by those with melanated hues, especially Black men.

2 Chainz sat down with EBONY Correspondent Yonathan Elias to discuss his steps for keeping his skin and rap game on point. " I think it's important to take care of yourself from the inside out. Poor skincare can be very detrimental as it's what people see first, your outward appearance. So you want to always take care of that."

Check out the video interview below: