Twitter user @KiaSpeaks decided to include the history of EBONY magazine to commemorate her 35th birthday on Nov. 24.

The content creator and culture enthusiast used her life celebration to instruct her more than 13,000 followers to participate in sharing EBONY covers.

“Today’s my birthday, so entertain me with a game,” Kia tweeted.  “Google the @EBONYMag magazine cover from the month and year you were born and post it below.”

Kia began the thread by uploading the “fitting” cover from her birthday month, which was the November 1981 issue of the magazine featuring music icon Diana Ross.

Since first being published in 1945, EBONY has been one of the few publications to not only give a voice to the African-American community but to also promote the culture’s prominent figures including the musicians,  athletes, entertainers, politicians and civil rights activists who have helped change the course of history.

The 35-year-old credited the idea to post the publication covers to Javier Akil Perry-Brown, a fellow Atlanta resident.

“I stole this from @javierabrown,” Kia wrote. “I just love seeing this flow of blackness on my [timeline].”

Hundreds of users participated in the challenge and causing it to go viral on social media platforms including Twitter and Instagram.

“I’m going to interpret this as one day I’m going to be as legendary as the people on this cover,” one user captioned the June 1996 cover featuring Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey, Prince and Michael Jackson.

Under a post of the January 1986 EBONY cover with Martin Luther King Jr., another user wrote, “This actually blew my mind.”

“[T]his has me shook…. Oprah is one of my biggest inspirations and I got my degree for Radio and TV last year…. this is CRAZY,” a young woman wrote along with the July 1995 issue and a graduation photo, in which she is holding up a cap that says “The Next Oprah.”

Another user thanked Kia for a “trip down memory lane” while sharing the May 1981 issue featuring actor Greg Morris and his family.

Nearly 75 years later, the emergence of this challenge demonstrates EBONY’s staying power and its continued representation of Black life.

Happy birthday, Kia! Others, feel free to showcase EBONY’s history by sharing your #EBONYChallenge covers with us.

Take the #EBONYChallenge today and find the EBONY cover for your birth month and year. Search EBONY archive at Google Books.