Chicago is the home of Johnson Publishing Company and the EBONY brand. is currently looking for people to share their stories about the tragic violence that is taking place in our hometown and wreaking havoc on the city’s Black residents for our latest online series “ENOUGH: Chicago and the Tragedy of Urban Violence.” While this violence is not hardly new to our city, we want to address it on a level that has yet to be seen via mainstream media.

In 2012, 513 Chicago residents were the victims of homicide. Many of them were under the age of eighteen and most of them were Black. We want to hear from those people who were directly affected: family members, friends, teachers, community leaders and victims themselves.

NOTE: This is not a call for op-eds. We are looking for people who have been somehow directly affected by the violence in Chicago.

If you are interested in sharing your stories and reflections, please email digitale[email protected] with “CHICAGO” in the subject line.