EBONY.com: Ashunta, your clients are among today's hottest and biggest stars.  What kind of beauty trends do you foresee we will be seeing on Black female artists this summer?

Ashunta: I see pastel eye shadows, pinky blushes and a range of lips from subtle nudes to bold matte reds. Luminous skin and strong brows will continue to rule.

EBONY.com: Can you share some of your “tried and true” secret tricks you sometimes use on your clients?

Ashunta: I always do eyes first because shadows can fall on skin and mascara can smear. So to prevent messing up your flawless face start with your brows because they frame the face, then do eyes and apply foundation after. Its better to spend time where it really counts "the eyes."

EBONY.com: Summer’s just around the corner. Do you have any essential beauty tips for this season?

Ashunta: Summer is around the corner so its important to change foundations to your deeper shade once your skin gets sun kissed.

EBONY.com: You've accomplished so much success for yourself in the past 13 years. Do you have any advice for someone looking to get into the industry? How did you get started in your career?

Ashunta: Find an amazing mentor to pattern you career after. Assist as many artist who are successful in this business. I believe a lot of artist think it all happens over night. I have been doing celebrities for 13 years and I've been doing makeup for 16 years. So it doesn't happen over night. Be patient and stay motivated through creativity. Last, don't be hard on yourself and never feel like you've made it. The moment you do is your last day doing this because this is an industry that is not loyal. I'm still learning new things and I know even I always will be. Andre Leon Talley told me if you can do something you're passionate about for free then that's when you know you've found the perfect job for you.

EBONY.com: What is the most memorable moment in your career that made you realize you're a beauty trend setter?

Ashunta: When I was voted as a Beauty Genius by Elle Magazine. It really made me know that someone knew my name outside of my immediate family. I knew all my years of hard work was paying off. I took my template of glowing, sexy-glam makeup which emphasizes a woman's natural beauty without over contouring or recreating bone structure was a new fresh approach to makeup. It wasn't always welcomed at first, but I was encouraged by my client P.Diddy to approach makeup from a less is more point of view. This all happened because I worked with his girlfriend at the time as well as some of his female artists. He was really diving into fashion and its through him that I meet Pat McGrath and my life would forever change.