Meal kit and grocery delivery services are undoubtedly the most convenient way to stock up on ingredients and fully prepared meals for the week ahead. While virtual food shopping will save you a ton of time and energy, it can create result in excess waste. Between the extra plastic packaging, a surplus of non-fresh food, and delivery routes that release high amounts of carbon emissions, it can be generally harmful to the environment.

If adapting to a more sustainable lifestyle appeals to you, we’ve mapped out what criteria to look for in a delivery company before planning your next pantry re-stock. To start, read the brand’s policy on packaging. Certain brands will prioritize using recyclable, reusable or compostable materials to cut back on waste. Next, check out where they purchase their produce. Ideally, opt for a brand that supports local farmers and meat suppliers and offers full transparency on their farming practices. For vegetarians, try to find a serve that uses minimal pesticides, organic, seasonal and even sustainably sourced ingredients that protect the environment. 

To make it easier, we've researched and compiled a list of the top-rated, on-demand brands that offer all the above. Keep scrolling for a list of mindful, food delivery options that keep your fridge full and taste buds happy. 


Image: courtesy of Sunbasket

Designed for busy people, each Sunbasket box delivers clean ingredients that match up to easy and convenient recipes so you don’t have to stress during the week. The brand is certified organic handler so you’re guaranteed to receive fresh produce every time that is customized to your taste. You can even decide the complexity of your recipes and dietary needs, with some being completed in as little as four minutes and others taking up to forty minutes. Additionally, the company only works with respected farmers, ranchers, and fisherman (all listed on the website) for the most sustainable, delicious ingredients. Prices start at $12 per serving.


Image: courtesy of Hungryroot

As opposed to many of its competitors, Hungryroot offers sustainable shipping and healthier options. Your food will arrive in packaging composed of completely recyclable shipping materials, this includes everything from the box and shipping materials to ice packs. In an effort to reduce the amount of food waste in consumers' homes, the brand provides groceries and recipes leaving no random or excess ingredients. Additionally, the brand has executed the efficiency of delivery (50+ packages at once, weekly basis vs. daily shopping trips, etc.) reducing carbon emissions. Pricing starts at $10 per serving.


Image: courtesy of Springly

Sprinly is arguably the best option for 100% pre-made, vegan and plant-based meals. Every recipe is preparted with clean, organic ingredients without refined sugar, preservatives, and 100% gluten free. Ready-to-eat meals are conveniently delivered weekly so you save time without having to cook (or clean!). Just heat up and enjoy! Prices start at $109 for 6 meals per week.

The Good Kitchen

Image: The Good Kitchen

Providing prepared meals from a chef-driven menu with ingredients straight from the farm to your plate, The Good Kitchen is equal parts nutritious and delicious. The brand says, “We believe in the power of real food that is grown and raised, not engineered. We work diligently to provide meals free of gluten, soy and sugar. And they are ready to heat-and-eat in just 4 minutes. We have gluten free, clean eating, paleo, ketogenic, autoimmune protocol, and Whole30-approved meals available.” Prices start at $11 per serving. 

Daily Harvest

Image: courtesy of Daily Harvest

Daily Harvest is on a mission to make it easier to eat more fruits and vegetables every day. From seed to plate, the brand is committed to a cultivating a better food system that prioritizes human and planetary health. To keep their food fresh, all ingredients are frozen at peak ripeness, typically within 24 hours of harvest, to lock in flavor and nutrients, reduce food waste, and eradicate the need for additives or harmful preservatives. Prices start at $6 per serving.

Cook Unity

Image: courtesy of Cook Unity

If variety is important to you, the award-winning chefs behind Cook Unity update the menu weekly with dozens of new fresh, delicious options from sustainably-sourced ingredients. The brand is dedicated to celebrating the diversity and creativity of local culinary scenes and constantly seeks innovators, with different techniques and passions, from different regions. Each meal is pre-made so all of you have to do heat it up. When it comes to sustainability, the brand is committed to offering environmentally responsible packaging from recyclable and compostable materials. Prices start at $11.