Some folks are all about the shopping, traveling and entertaining out-of-town guests this holiday season, but me?  I’m all about the food, glorious food.  But don’t you worry, this isn’t going to be a cooking lesson or recipe.  I’m guessing even the greatest gourmand is a little worn out from all the food prep between Thanksgiving and another all-you-can-eat episode come Kwanzaa, Christmas, Festivus and beyond.

So I come bearing gifts of online orders you can make to take some pressure off your favorite chefs.  Check out my personal list of African American-owned and/or operated businesses serving up Cajun delicacies, sweet treats and baking guides you can get with a few clicks.

Consider this an opportunity to eat well, give back plus Buy Black.

The Company: Jive Turkey

The Product: Fried Turkey

Why Buy: I absolutely hate baked turkey.  Hate it.  I don’t care if you stuff a duck in it, wrap it in bacon strips and crown it with calamari.  But my mind was changed about avoiding this rather basic bird altogether when I met its fried iteration.  It was love at first, second, third and tenth bite.  I love it so much that I bought a dang electric fryer and break it out at least twice a year.  My bird, fully injected with goodies including garlic and hot sauce, is bad…bad, meaning good. However, when I don’t feel like lugging home a gallon of peanut oil and risking burning down my mom’s garage (I ain’t cooking this on my balcony), I advise a little Jive.  This poultry purveyor (which moved from a New York-based location to Chicago) Jive offers 15 different flavors.

Order Up: Pick them up from the following locations if you are in New York City or the Chicagoland area. Instructions right HERE.  If you aren’t anywhere near Brooklyn or Chicago, you can order online HERE. Prices range from $79.95 for the BBQ Turkey to $379.95 for the Jive Turkey Feast Package.


The Company: Good People Popcorn

The Product: Flavored Popcorn

Why Buy?  Who doesn’t want to support good people?  This African Americano-owned outfit headquartered in Detroit is popping off.  Not like our President Barack Obama warned Republicans not to do, but using corn kernels.  You can get cinnamon, caramel, butter, cheese or some combination therein.  With Netflix and Chill dates going on during this cuffing season, this makes a great gift.  Cop some for that co-worker who keeps burning that microwaved bag every dang day.  It drops a hint, plus gives you an office ally.

Order Up: Visit this LINK to order a bounty o’ popcorn.  Prices range from the $29 to $55-mark, and they also sell mugs and cups.


The Company: Grandbaby Cakes

The Product: Grandbaby Cakes: Modern Recipes, Vintage Charm, Soulful Memories” Book

Why Buy: Clap for this pastry whiz who also is possessed of the #blackgirlmagic .  Blogger and critically acclaimed food writer, Jocelyn Delk Adams shows you how to do this, son. She bases her oven abilities on recipes passed down over generations.  Bonus is when your giftee, successfully bakes a delectable recipe—such as Pineapple Upside-Down Hummingbird Pound Cake and the Fig-Brown Sugar Cake—you can Instagram that bad boy and be sure you won’t look like you’re cooking4bae…that is, if you follow the clear and concise instructions.

Order Up: Price point is about $17. It’s available for order on AMAZON.


The Company: Tasty Trend

The Product: Cupcakes

Why Buy: Okay, so Grandbaby Cakes won’t work if your intended recipient ain’t here for anything other than an EZ Bake oven.  In that case, go to Plan B.  Order up some gluten-free, vegan and allergy-friendly cupcakes from Winter Garden, Florida-based the Tasty Trend. Started by a lovely brown-skinned sistar (no misspell) who was inspired to create these goodies by her child’s dietary struggles.  They come in flavors including coconut, ship to 48 states, so you should be straight.

Order Up:  Get a dozen cupcakes for $36 if you are able to pick them up straight from the source.  There is a $29 flat shipping rate per dozen if you order it online. The lil’ cakes are flash frozen, so expect freshness.  The link so you can share this sweetness is HERE.


The Company: Everett Ridge

The Product: Wine

Why Buy: Pour it up, pour it up.  A wonderful bottle of wine is a great addition to any home.  Get your family member, friend or bae some vine from Everett Ridge, an award-winning Black-owned vineyard that got recent shine as an alternative wine-tasting site after that nasty Napa treatment of an African American female book club.  The offerings online, which include Merlot, Pinot Noir and Riesling, are extensive with pricing beginning in the $20-range and including subscriptions.

Order Up: Visit the SITE to get the bottles popping.