Check your calendar. We’re counting down the final days of the X-Mas season and it’s way past the cut-off for determining who has been naughty or nice.  But don’t worry if you haven’t quite found the gift for your wife, hubby, friend, or college-buddy-who-gets-on-my-nerves-but-I-still-love-him/her.

If anyone in your inner circle is on the outdoorsy side, I’ve got the guide for you.  Bonus: don’t forget to #buyBlack with some of the activity-pumping proprietors on my list.

The company: TRPL Threat

The product: TRPL Threat athletic footwear

Why Buy: The Brooklyn-based, Black owned company, whose gear includes Midnites, Gamestops and Nukes, has been putting the rubber to the blacktop for a couple years now in BKNY and is looking to take it higher.  The shoes serve as a quality alternative to the overpriced shoe market, and its maker is looking to catch on with the hip-hop crowd.  Does the person on your holiday gift list want to be an original? Then your search stops here.

Order Up: Check out the link to the company’s site here to order online. Prices run about $75 for the footwear.


The company: Tommy Armour

The product: Axial 14 pc women’s golf set

Why Buy: Guys, your wife doesn’t keep much secret from you, but the one thing she won’t tell you is that she’s a better golfer than you are! So since she’s being kind, why not surprise her with this set of clubs and a bag that comes with everything she needs to cover 18 holes? The set includes a putter, a 460cc driver, stainless steel fairway and hybrid woods, and six stainless steel irons. For a true golf-head, nothing says “I love you” like giving her something to help release the stress.

Order Up: You can order online from Tommy Armour here. The complete set runs about $299.


The company: Orbea

The product: Orbea Avant H10 Bike

Why Buy: Winter is closing in, but before you know it, Spring will be here and it will be time to get off your duff and get some outside in you. What better way than to hop on a new bicycle and hit the trail? You can do it with Orbea’s Avant line and the H10 is probably what you need. The aluminum bike is light and versatile, comes with rim brakes and features electronic or mechanical gear shifting.

Order Up: The Avant H10 is available online at JensenUSA for $749. Not only that, an array of other bikes and accessories are on their website as well.



The company: Stamina

The product: Stamina Doorway Trainer Plus

Why Buy: A lot of us would rather take some time after work or on weekends to hit the gym, but truth is time is limited and we hate competing for a machine or a bench. So here’s an inexpensive solution that allows you to get in a calisthenics workout right at home. Pushups, sit-ups, tricep presses and a variety of other exercises are a snap.  You won’t miss a day of your workout routine.

Order Up:  Items like these are popular online sellers, so the shopping is easy. But you can find it on sale at for $29.99



The company: Olympianz

The product: Waterproof Swim Caps for Locs

Why Buy: As a wearer of locs and a lover of the beach, nothing is more frustrating to me than having to wash the sea out of my hair after a day of swimming.  It literally takes hours! But after I donned the Olympianz cap, I didn’t have to worry about that any longer. This product fits snugly on your head, is useful for most lengths and it’s airtight: nothing can get in. Best of all, it’s also a Black-owned company so they understand the struggle.

Order Up: Take a look at and order the cap through eBay for $17.99.