You may recognize Mahogany, an extension of the Hallmark brand, as a line of greeting cards and gifts that celebrates Black identity with messages of culture, faith, pride, and love. It is designed by a team of African-American writers, editors and artists who are creating cards to empower the community, speak to racial resilience and the Black experience.

Most recently, under the leadership of Vice President Alexis Kerr, Mahogany is expanding as a digital platform to uplift Black writers and expression on topics like friendship, romance, motherhood, self-love, fitness and more. Centered on a community of writers, including content from best-selling author Melinda Williams, the site is designed to serve as “a gathering place for Black women to connect with each other, celebrate their culture, sisterhood, and community,” says Kerr. In addition to the conversations, users can shop Mahogany products on the site as well. 

Kerr has been instrumental in elevating Black voices and representation within the Hallmark corporation and she’s not slowing down anytime soon. This year, Mahogany will play a starring role in Hallmark's popular Movies & Mysteries via the Mahogany-Crown Media collaboration and bring new diverse faces, voices, perspectives and life experiences to the channel, including a new podcast.