Thousands filled up Tahrir Square last weekend to protest the verdict of Hosni Mubarak. Given life sentences for “failing to stop the killings,” Mubarak and Habib Al-Adly, the former head of Egypt's interior ministry, seemingly got off easy. Protestors believe the men ordered the killing of hundreds of protestors and the torture and detention of thousands more political detainees.

As protestors came in droves, security worked to keep things calm; even requiring I.D. to enter the famed town square. With the next major election scheduled for Wednesday, many remain ready for potential violence. "We know that Mubarak and Al-Adly were not on the rooftops firing at protestors, yet somehow nobody is to blame for the shootings and killings despite forensic medical reports, witnesses, video footage and security log book evidence," said protest organizer Tarek El Halaby.