The ultraconservative Al Nour political party asked member and lawmaker, Anwar Al-Balkimy, to step down on Monday after lying to government officials and the public. Only forty days into the new Egyptian parliament, Al-Balkimy—specifically his nose—was at the center of a scandal. The politician claimed he had been mugged and beaten in the streets of Egypt, only for doctors to reveal he was really in the hospital for rhinoplasty surgery. Soon after the discovery, Al Nour, who considers plastic surgery a sin, expelled him from his seat on Parliament.

Before lawmakers and politicians visited Al-Balkimy to offer condolences, his party demanded public questioning for the alleged beating. The ministry even sent a letter of condolence. The spokesman for Al Nour said that they want to establish a principle of accountability and forced the politician to apologize for forgoing his responsibilities. Al-Balkimy’s resignation will be submitted when Parliament reconvenes later this week.

Is this leader's actions analogous to anything here in the states? If this were to happen here, would he be kicked out for his lies or just get a slap on the wrist?