After nearly a year in her role as Editor of Teen Vogue, Elaine Welteroth has officially been named the publications’ Editor-in-Chief.

Along with Digital Editorial Director, Phillip Picardi and Creative Director Marie Suter, the “Dream Team” trio, has taken a fashion and beauty driven teenaged publication, to a political beacon for young and progressive readers.

Picardi and Suter have also made shifts within Condé Nast as Allure’s newly Digital Editorial Director and Creative oversight, in addition to their duties at Teen Vogue.

In May of 2015, Teen Vogue began to undergo major organizational reconstruction. It’s founding Editor-in-Chief Amy Astley, announced that she would be transitioning into the role of EIC at Architectural Digest,  a sister publication also owned by Condé Nast.

After that announcement, many wondered what the absence of Astley would do for the publication. Shortly after, Vogue Editor-in-Chief and Condé Nast Artistic Director, Anna Wintour announced unique and progressive leadership structure.

Wintour said in a statement, “Elaine, Marie and Phil are fearlessly at the forefront, inspiring young trendsetters with their sophisticated take on emerging fashion, beauty and pop culture, and they will lead Teen Vogue to the next phase of its success.”

Since the shift in leadership, Teen Vogue has received tons of praise for its cutting edge political coverage and digital editorial presence. The publication was mentioned in one of Hillary Clinton’s speeches and has recently won two weeby awards.

According to a press release, “In the past year, traffic to has increased to more than 9.2 million unique visitors, up from 2.7 million unique visitors last year.”

“Elaine is incredibly in tune with the Teen Vogue audience, and has used that unique insight to engage and connect with her readers on a very personal level,” said Anna Wintour in a statement,  “Over the last year, she has demonstrated a fearless leadership in her pursuit to make Teen Vogue the voice of a new generation, and we look forward to all she will accomplish in her expanded role as Teen Vogue’s new editor-in-chief.”

Welteroth joined Teen Vogue in 2012 as the beauty and health director. Previously, she was the senior beauty editor at Glamour, and is also an EBONY alum where she served as the beauty and style editor where she started her editorial career.

Teryn Payne is Editorial Assistant to EBONY’s Editor-in-Chief. She’s obsessed with style, nail polish and all things olive. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @Teryn_Denice.