Following a White woman’s recent racist and degrading tirade against a Mexican landscaper, another woman took it upon herself to go even further, abusing an elderly man while he took a walk through his Los Angeles neighborhood.

As Rodolfo Rodriguez strolled his own block the evening of July 4, KTLA reports he accidentally bumped into a small child while trying to pass her on the sidewalk. The child’s mother then shoved the 92-year-old to the ground and began beating him with a brick, according to police.

CBS spoke to a witness who recorded the incident and called the police, saying four more men joined the mom in beating the senior citizen, kicking him and breaking his ribs.

“When I [took] the picture, she said, ‘Oh, he tried to touch my girl,’” said the witness. “I saw everything. This [was] a lie.”

A second witness heard the mother yell, “Go back to your country, why are you here?” as he was abused.

While Rodriguez is a legal U.S. citizen, he doesn’t speak English, and still doesn’t know why he was attacked, according to the Sacramento Bee.