Eminem and Dr. Dre are teaming up to contribute music for Joseph Kahn’s battle rap film Bodied.

Produced by Marshall Mathers, the film debuted to amazing reviews at the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival this weekend and according to The Hollywood Reporter, Em will be shelling out  “a number of songs” for the soundtrack. His longtime manager Paul Rosenberg will be partnering up with the MC as well. Additionally, Dr. Dre has also been tapped for a “for a couple of songs.”

This news arrived after  The Defiant Ones director Allan Hughes shared that Dre was working on new music with Em. “Dre still records,” said Hughes. “People don’t know this: Dre records every day. Literally, he’s in there recording songs every day. He’s like Picasso in that way. He’s always painting. Right now he’s producing, in the eleventh hour, a track for Eminem’s latest album. So Dre’s still real active in music, you know? But I hear what you’re saying. It’s the truth.”

Bodied was written by former battle rap champion Alex “Kid Twist” Larsen and directed by Khan, who is a seasoned music video director with ties to Em, Taylor Swift, and more. The film will feature battlers Dizaster, Loaded Lux, Dumbfounded, Hollow Da Don, Illmaculate, Thesaurus, Conceited, and Pat Stay with a few cameos from Charlamagne Tha God, Anthony Michael Hall, Debra Wilson, and it stars Callum Worthy.

More info on the soundtrack to come. In the mean time, check out the trailer below.