Eminem is back.

The internet is still fired up from the rapper’s “The Storm” freestyle, which he debuted at Tuesday’s (Oct. 11) BET Hip-Hop Awards.

The heady and explosive flow, which was in direct response to 45’s absurd presidency, drew praise from several of his rap colleges. One being J. Cole, who saluted the Detroit rapper for his poignant lyricism on injustice and racism. “Whoa. Rap God. @Eminem thank you,” wrote the Fayetteville rapper. “Potentttt.”

T-Pain joined the conversation with his own co-sign, tweeting “Protect Eminem at all cost.” Diddy soon followed with the ultimate thumbs up: “Eminem killed this sh*t!!! This is for Collin ball up a fist!!!”


Past collaborator and frequent social media user Snoop Dog also supported Eminem’s cause, writing via Instagram. “Shoutout to Eminem for saying some real sh*t. I always knew you was a real ni**a. We totally know you a real ni**a now…Eminem, real motherf*ckin’ ni**a, so says Snoop Dogg.”

“The Storm” was a poetic roast, focused entirely on calling out Trump for what he is, a racist who is unfit for his role. Check out the clip below.