According to various news reports, Emmerson Mnangagwa pulled out a narrow win to become President of Zimbabwe in the hotly contested election. He was declared the winner by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC). The Guardian reported Mnangagwa received 50.8% of the vote and his opponent Nelson Chamisa received 44.3% of the vote. He was able to avoid a runoff vote because he received over 50%. The newly elected President posted his first official tweet pushing for unity in Zimbabwe and stating his presidency can mark a new beginning for the country.

Chamisa posted via social media his disappointment in the ZEC and the lack of transparency in the process of verifying election results.

Chamisa ran under the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) Alliance party. Mnangagwa ran under the Zanu PF party, which is the same party of former President Robert Mugabe. It is expected, Mnangagwa will continue his economic agenda. Bloomberg reported Mnangagwa’s plans for the country when he was first elected to office in 2017.

There were reports of violence in Zimbabwe as the citizens exercised their right to vote. Some news organizations reported at least three people died as the result of a protest dispersed by government forces.