House Passes Emmett Till Anti-Lynching Bill

Monday, the House of Representatives passed the Emmett Till Anti-Lynching Act, which would make lynching a federal hate crime that is punishable by up to 30 years in prison. According to The Washington Post, the bill received widespread approval from legislatures, with three Republicans in opposition.

"I was eight years old when my mother put the photograph of Emmett Till’s brutalized body that ran in Jet magazine on our living room coffee table, pointed to it, and said, ‘this is why I brought my boys out of Albany, Georgia,’" said Rep. Bobby L. Rush, who introduced the bill. “That photograph shaped my consciousness as a Black man in America, changed the course of my life, and changed our nation.”

Rush went on to say that the passing of the act is long "overdue." Similar bills have failed to pass nearly 200 times.

Kevin Hunter Sue’s Debmar-Mercury for Wrongful Termination

Kevin Hunter, the former husband of Wendy Williams, has filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against Debmar-Mercury, according to court documents obtained by The Shade Room. Hunter's attorneys argue that his human rights were violated because he was terminated from The Wendy Williams Show on the basis of his marital status" after Williams filed for divorce in April 2019. He is requesting at least $7 million in damages.

Apple Ceases Product Sales in Russia

In response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine, Apple has suspended the sale of its products in the transcontinental country, CNN reports. Additionally, the company has moved to dramatically limit access to their digital services – such as Apple Pay.

"Last week, we stopped all exports into our sales channel in the country. Apple Pay and other services have been limited. RT News and Sputnik News are no longer available for download from the App Store outside Russia," a representative for Apple said in a statement. "And we have disabled both traffic and live incidents in Apple Maps in Ukraine as a safety and precautionary measure for Ukrainian citizens."

"P-Valley" Season Two Premiere Date Confirmed

After a lengthy hiatus, "P-Valley" is set to return for its highly anticipated second season in June. The cast of the high-drama Starz series announced the premiere news on Instagram by way of a video compilation. Aside from the month, the exact date has not yet been disclosed.