It’s safe to say that weddings have a come a long way since our parents said “I do.” Even the details that lead to the big day are a big deal, invites included.

Introducing Engaging Invites, interactive stationary and video invites that are picking up major popularity among newlyweds. Not to be confused with e-vites (videos sent through email), the interactive stationary is the very mashup of something old meeting something new.


With luxury options including an embedded seven-inch LCD screen, built-in speakers and up to three minutes of video, these unique invites are not only a formal way to save the date, but they’re also good to save for years to come; the LCD component is rechargeable and can double as a keepsake for those who receive them.

Newlyweds-to-be Mecca Moore and Antoine Henson are gearing up to surprise guests with interactive invites. Slated to tie the knot in March 2018, the “soonlyweds” want to gift guests with a keepsake they can cherish a long after the two exchange their vows.

“In my line of work, I’ve helped plan and curate many high-end events,” said Moore. “So it’s important that I include more than a few key elements for my wedding I feel are unique and apart from the events I’ve had in the past.”

The best part about video invites is that they still boast traditional details, mimicking a cardlike exterior for the perfect wedding nostalgia. As founder Dearrick Knupp said, “We’re not selling invitations. What we’re really selling is surprise and joy.”

And if you think they’re are limited to just weddings, think again. Like all other “Répondez S’il Vous Plaîts,” Engaging Invites events extend to everything from weddings to birthdays and holiday parties. Find out more by visiting their site!