Basketball Wives

Are You Ready for “Basketball Wives” The Movie?

Shaunie O'Neal takes her talents to movie theaters nationwide

Basketball Wives

Could Shaunie O'Neal be starting a new trend? The "Basketball Wives" creator has been dealing with a lot of drama over the past weeks—and not just on the Season 4 episodes. Variety reports that Fox Searchlight has picked up a film project from Shaquille's ex-wife, whom alongside Tracy Edmonds, will bring the crazy antics to the big screen nationwide.

The plot sounds quite familiar: "Drawing loosely from the lives of O'Neal and some of her friends, the Searchlight project centers around a young woman who follows her boyfriend to Miami after he gets drafted into the NBA. Thrust in the world of professional sports, she meets the other players' wives and learns from their trials and tribulations."

Perhaps this project will give new meaning to the term "the theater of the absurd."

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