Candace Parker and Shelden Williams are officially divorced. The settlement calls for the WNBA star to pay $400,000 in alimony to her ex-husband and former NBA player, according to TMZ Sports.

Parker and Williams got married over a decade ago in 2008. Parker is a legend in the WNBA and has amassed a good amount of personal wealth. Williams was drafted to the NBA in 2006 and earned $12 million in his six-year career. As result of her being the breadwinner in the relationship, Parker has agreed to shell out the near half-million in alimony. The single payout will forfeit any ongoing spousal support from the baller.

The settlement also included a fair split of the profits on their former Encino home which was sold for $3.75 million. The pair has also agreed upon joint custody of their 8-year-old daughter and will forgo child support payments. Both parties have agreed to split the cost of raising the young girl.

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