Fans Come to Ginuwine’s Defense After Backlash for Refusing to Kiss Trans Woman [VIDEO]

"He's entitled to his own sexual preferences, and that doesn't include trans women!"

A recent episode of Big Brother U.K. has the internet in a tizzy after R&B crooner Ginuwine refused to allow India Willoughby a transgender housemate, to kiss him after a discussion about trans relationships.

Fellow housemate and Kardashian bestie Malika Haqq came to the “Pony” singer’s defense, saying he shouldn’t be labeled hateful or ignorant for having his own opinion and controlling who he allows in his personal space.

The internet is now torn on the issue, with some followers equating his refusal to be kissed to someone refusing a kiss based purely on race.

Ginuwine’s fan base, however, isn’t here for it, defending the singer’s decision to reject Willoughby’s affections without being labeled prejudice. Check out their reactions below.

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