NBA/MLK : Barrier Breakers

Consistently known as a universal language to break barriers, sports have once again become a forum to speak on social issues. As one of the most diverse leagues in sports, the National Basketball Association continues to promote diversity amongst its players coaches, front-office staff and what might be seen as most important, its fans. Partnering with the upstart, pop-culture driven advertising and marketing agency Translation, today the NBA debuted the ad for its “DREAM” campaign in celebration of Martin Luther King Day and Black History Month. Set to a moving portion of Dr. King’s legendary “I Have A Dream” speech, the spot shows iconic, groundbreaking moments throughout NBA history. From Charley Cooper being the first Black player signed to a NBA team, to Bill Russell being announced as the first Black coach, the commercial highlights the contributions of African-Americans, and the culture of diversity and inclusion strengthened by a shared love of the game. In a time where civil rights and race relations are an integral part of the social conversation, the NBA and Translation have done a great job of showing how the game of basketball is keeping Dr. King’s dream of peaceful equality alive and well in 2015.


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