dimitry leger

Novelist Dimitry Léger Celebrates ‘God Loves Haiti’

The first-time author celebrated his debut on Manhattan's Lower East Side

dimitry leger

Author Dimitry Elias Léger

Dimitry Elias Léger is living out his dream, a world away from where he was born (Port-Au-Prince) and a few subways stops from where he spent his teen years (Brooklyn, baby). Now that he lives in France, he can reflect with some distance upon how it feels to return to be toasted in the place where he first made his bones in the media.

Last night at Seoul Chicken, the Lower East Side was alive with people who care about Haiti, Dimitry, good writing, or just really tasty wings with sriracha and honey, with kimchi fries and miso aioli. Braving the cold in support of Mr. Léger’s debut novel, God Loves Haiti, the packed room together lifted a glass.

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