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Pam Grier Movie Rights Optioned


Iconic actress Pam Grier, known most widely for her breakout role as Foxy Brown, has announced that movie rights to her tell-all autobiography "Foxy: My Life in Three Acts" have been optioned by Imprint Entertainment (one of the studios behind "Twilight.") Grier has been voicing an interest in Halle Berry playing her ever since she first expressed an interest in adapting the book. 

According to Michael Becker of Imprint, "’Foxy’ succeeds at a stark impression of Grier’s courage and inner strength without the use of rose-colored glasses. Imprint Entertainment looks forward to bringing this triumphant story to life." In addition to movie rights, the film has also acquired television screenwriter Eunetta Boone to pen what is sure to be quite the scandalous movie, seeing as how Grier had relationships with some of Hollywood's most controversial leading men, including Richard Pryor and Freddie Prinze. Grier's life has the perfect mixture of history-making content and tabloid-like fluff to draw in a wide variety of movie goers of all backgrounds. 

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