Black Panther continues to prove itself to be more than just another superhero flick, as the billion-dollar blockbuster inspired a 12-year-old boy from Minneapolis, MN to enter the world of tech.

D.J. Comeaux has launched a tech initiative, Afro Bot Boyz, encouraging young people of color to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and math.

Fox 9 spoke with the pre-teen about the venture, who admitted one particular character from Black Panther inspired him the most.

“[I was inspired] not by Black Panther the superhero, but his sister Shuri,” he said. “She used to create all of the designs and technology so I kind of really like that…I wanted to boost the confidence of people that look like me, more likely to be interested in being in robotics.”

Check out Fox 9’s interview with the young king below.

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