5 Reasons Why Tiffany Haddish Is All of Us

Tiffany Haddish Shares Offensive Comments She Recorded in Auditions
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Tiffany Haddish has burst onto the Hollywood scene and become one of the most relatable celebrities of today. The comedian keeps it real about where she comes from and stays true to those roots regardless of what is expected of her as a star. It is often hard to relate to successful entertainers because money isolates them from average society. As a rising celebrity, Haddish, 38, still shares concerns about money, cries at the sight of Oprah and helps her family and friends like the rest of us.

Here are five reasons why the “She Ready!” comedian is all of us:

1. She overcame life struggles.

Before attaining her dreams, the comedian had her fair share of troubles. An abusive mother raised Haddish until she was thrown into foster care for nine years. The comedian is very open about her tumultuous childhood, including being molested at 13. She even uses being a ward of the state as material for her jokes. While striving to become a successful comedian, she struggled to get gigs and spent some time living out of her car.

2. She’s a repeat-outfit wearer.

Haddish became a relatable fashionista when she proudly wore the same white Alexander McQueen dress on three occasions: at the Girls Trip premiere, on Saturday Night Live and while presenting an award at the 2018 Oscars. During her SNL monologue, she revealed she purchased the dress for $4,000 and would be getting her money’s worth by wearing it over and over again. Repeating an outfit may be taboo for someone who has reached the level of success she has, but it’s a testament to how she’s remained true to herself.

3. She’s not afraid to speak her mind.

You can never anticipate what will come out of the comedian’s mouth. Haddish makes headlines for her honest storytelling, such as the time she revealed that an unnamed celebrity bit Beyoncé. More recently, she delivered an unfiltered acceptance speech at CinemaCon, where she spoke loosely about her nonexistent sex life. The Los Angeles native is known for saying what she feels when she wants, which is rare for many celebrities.

4. She still celebrates her birthday with drinks with a childhood friend.


Last year after celebrating her 38th birthday, Haddish posted a video of herself passed out on the floor next to a garbage can. A friend can be heard asking about how her birthday celebration went. She responds, “Sometimes you gotta lay down next to things you don’t want to lay down next to so you can survive.” The Last O.G. star didn’t trade in the average birthday festivities to hang out with her new friends in Hollywood.

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5. She has no problem randomly breaking out in dance.


At any moment, when Haddish becomes excited, she will begin to dance. Her signature move is the Nae Nae, and she has done it on red carpets, during speeches and even on Sesame Street.

Haddish has become one of today’s most relatable entertainers  because she’s unafraid to being herself. Neither fame nor money have stopped her from being the down-to-earth girl from South Los Angeles. The Night School star still loves a good bargain, idolizes Oprah and is loyal to the people who were around before her rise to success.




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