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In an interview with Nicole Bitchie, Girlfriends star Golden Brooks discussed the possibility of taking the show to the big screen:

Oh my gosh, girl! That is like the question of the decade! I hope so. I can't say- will there be a Girlfriends movie? Maybe. I can't say yes, I can't say no. But you know, Mara Brock Akil, myself, Tracy, Jill and Reggie, we all had a sit-down about it, but that is a Mara and Kelsey Grammer question, but you never know…

And that's all I need for the daydreaming to begin. Girlfriends has been described as "the Black Sex and the City," but I absolutely hate that description because it suggests that everything is somehow rooted in, or a reference to, Whiteness. The two shows don't even have much in common aside from that they're both about four female friends navigating life, love and their careers—the topic of probably every sitcom ever.

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