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Aaliyah’s Family Rejects Drake

Timbaland and Aaliyah

Despite recent rumors of Timbaland and Missy not being involved in the Aaliyah album that Drake is reportedly executive producing, rumor has it that they both will, in fact, contribute substantially to the album. 

"I’m hearing that Tim is getting involved," MissInfo.Tv recently revealed. "So far I’m hearing he’s producing 2 songs. Hopefully there will be more and Missy will be in there too! Timbaland recent told me that he and Missy are already done recording their joint album."

While that comes as great news for the Aaliyah fans anxious for the album to be released, Aaliyah's family has made it very clear that they are not on board with this project. The singer's brother Rashad took to Aaliyah's Facebook Fan page to release the following message:

“there is no official album being released and supported by the Haughton family.” –Rashad Haughton (regarding upcoming album release rumors)”

However, Aaliyah's uncle Barry Hankerson, who runs the Blackground label that the singer was on, supposedly worked with Drake to release the new Drake-Aaliyah single, "Enough Said," which features never before heard vocals from the late singer. 

Hopefully all parties involved can find a resolution.

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