OWN favorite Black Love is back Saturday with the story of Bernard and Shirley, who were college students in racially charged Tallahassee, Florida, when she was arrested after protesting segregation. Here, Bernard reflects on how he was love-struck the moment he first set eyes on her—as she was leaving jail.

“Back in 1963 in Tallahassee, everything was totally separated. Shirley, she was a freshman, and she’s not there two weeks and decides that she’s going to march. The whole idea was to fill the jails, and that’s how we met!

“When she got out of jail, I saw her, this cute little young lady…I thought about how much courage she had to be able to go [to jail]. That kind of courage was pretty extraordinary.”

Shirley then adds, “He usually just says, ‘I met her when she got out of jail.’”

Black Love highlights love stories from the black community and seeks to answer the burning question, What is the secret to making a marriage work? Husband-and-wife filmmakers Codie and Tommy Oliver present real, honest, emotional and sometimes cringe-worthy love stories from some of the most successful people in business and entertainment as well as everyday couples.

Black Love airs Saturdays at 10 p.m. EST on OWN.

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