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Baby Yoga for Beyonce’s Baby

It's never too early to teach the downward dog. At least that's what blonde besties Beyonce and Gwyneth Paltrow believe. Reportedly, Beyonce has been doing yoga with her close friend to return to her pre-baby figure. According to a source, the two celebrity mothers have planned a luxurious girl's trip to Tuscany to partake in more of the spiritual exercise at a five-star private villa, complete with its own swimming pool. Mother-daughter time will be in full effect, as baby Blue Ivy may be joining in on the yoga action too, based off of Gwyneth's recommendation. 

While we've seen stunning post-baby pictures of Bey, Hollywood is not as understanding (or sane) so it is very well possible that Beyonce has been whipping her body back into shape through yoga sessions. What we're not so sure about, though, is Bey's eagerness to have Blue Ivy join her, given her daughter's young age. Then again, celebrities have been known to pull some pretty extraordinary antics with their children, so the reports may actually be true. We'll believe it when we see the Carter princess performing the cobra posture.

Maybe Blue Ivy is too young to be taking yoga class. But, since she was already the youngest person ever to land on the Billboard charts, why not add "Youngest Baby To Perform The Downward Dog" to her resume?

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