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“Basketball Wives” to Sue Jennifer Williams

Jennifer Williams

Watch what you say about the hand that feeds you. Reality TV star Jennifer Williams should have adhered to that advice before she spoke unkindly of VH1's "Basketball Wives," because now the producers of her series allegedly plan on filing a lawsuit against Williams. Ironically enough, this drastic action was sparked by Williams' own lawsuit against fellow cast member Evelyn Lozada's assistant Nia Crooks. After Crooks gave Williams what is now described as the slap heard across the world, Williams quickly retaliated with a lawsuit of her own, threatening to take down Crooks in court after having been assaulted–not to mention humiliated–on television. Then, Williams took it a step further while on media rounds, lambasting the reality series for portraying African-American women in a negative light.

Of course, the producers were not having any of that trash talk, especially from one of the show's own regular cast members. According to sources, the show's producers claim that Williams negative remarks about the show is in direct violation with her contract–which explicitly forbids any cast member from speaking negatively about the show or doing any media appearances or press without approval. Basically, they believe that Williams is "ruining the brand" that they've spent a great deal of time, money, and effort building. While many argue that "Basketball Wives" certainly portrays a less-than-reputable image to African-American and Latina women, at the end of the day, Williams has voluntarily participated in the show for multiple seasons, so she should definitely know what the deal is. 

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