Coming Soon: The First Major Jean-Michel Basquiat Exhibition

Cultural icon, Jean-Michele Basquiat rose to prominence in the 1980s and still reigns when it comes to abstract art and expression. So, isn’t it strange that there hasn’t been a major exhibition of his work?

Sure, we’ve seen pieces of his pop color and text-infused creations printed on apparel and featured as a small addition to larger exhibitions over the years. And for some, their familiarity with the New York artist came as an assist from musicians, a wide range of artists and filmmakers who praise Basquiat’s creative brilliance.

Click here to read 'Why Basquiat Matters'
Click here to read ‘Why Basquiat Matters’

But, wait no more! In 2017, Boom For Real , the largest exhibit to feature Basquiat’s art will take place at London’s Barbican.

According to a press release, “[Boom For Real], will be a rare opportunity for visitors to see a huge body of some of the his most famous and also little-known works in one space.”

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The exhibition is slated to also show Basquiat’s connection to music, film, text and television and how they influenced his work.

Basquiat: Boom for Real is scheduled to run September 21, 2017 – January 28, 2018.


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