Bette Midler is the latest public figure to shame Joe Jackson after his death for what he did while living, calling out the Jackson family patriarch for his treatment of his family, going so far as to call him a “monster.”

The Broadway and film star took to Twitter to share her joy over the passing of the infamous music manager. Midler, 72, didn’t mince words as she celebrated the death of “a monster who ate his own children.”

“#JoeJackson is d-e-a-d- and Hallelujah!! A monster who ate his own children; like in an old Grecian myth. I hated every minute he lived. All times are strange but this is really beyond the pale. Would Quincy Jones like to weigh in?? Always interested!!!”

Midler is likely referring to Jones’ fairly recent interviews where he shared personal details from the lives of friends like Richard Pryor, Marvin Gaye and Marlon Brando, saying they’d been intimate. The legendary producer later apologized.

Midler joins Conrad Murray in her condemnation of Jackson, as the doctor recently told The Blast, “It is said that only the good die young … I hope Joe Jackson finds redemption in hell.”

Joe Jackson and Dr. Conrad Murray

Joe Jackson died at the age of 89 after battling terminal cancer.

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