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Beyonce Honored by Black Journalist Association


There's no denying that Beyonce works hard for the money. Ever since stepping out from her multi-platinum girl group to launch her solo career, Bey has been singing, dancing, acting and modeling, and looking damn good doing it. So her receiving the title of "Most Beautiful Woman in the World" from PEOPLE Magazine came as no surprise. However, the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) has recently announced that they feel Beyonce deserves an award for her journalistic endeavors also.

The international superstar will be honored for an essay that she penned titled, "Eat, Pray, Love," for Essence Magazine while on her much publicized nine-month hiatus in 2010. In the essay, Beyonce discussed the life-changing activities and new interests that she discovered while traveling the world, including "her love of artichokes, jumping from yachts and going undercover as a Harajuku girl in Tokyo nightclubs."

Many are outraged that the NABJ has used this opportunity to reward someone who is not even involved in the journalism field, disregarding actual journalists who have yet to receive recognition for their hard work. Some are even claiming that they need to see receipts, skeptical that Bey herself, a full time performer and celebrity, even wrote the essay. 

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