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[BLACK POP DAILY]Pharrell Joins the iTunes Festival

[BLACK POP DAILY]Pharrell Joins the iTunes Festival


Pastor Mase Officially Leaves Church to Pursue Rap Career?

Earlier this year, reports erupted that Revered Mason Betha was under fire by the congregants of his El Elyon International Church in Georgia for pursuing a blasphemous rap career while simultaneously preaching at the podium. Well, it seems like the devil won that battle because word is Mase has officially cut all ties with his church to focus solely on his music. No clues to whether or not he was forced to leave or made the decision at his own discretion. But the once-huge Harlem rapper had already announced a new comeback album last month, which he said is scheduled for release in early October. All I have to say is, this second comeback better stick this time, or he’ll be right back at the pulpit. (That is, if they let him back.)

Read it at Madame Noire.

Pharrell to Perform at Apple’s 2014 iTunes Festival

I know you all are tired of hearing about Pharrell by now, but the guy’s year just keeps getting bigger, so there’s just no way you’re going to escape the Renaissance Man. Next up, P will perform at Apple’s 2014 iTunes Festival at the Roundhouse in Camden, London. The festival, now in its eighth year, takes off in September and will feature performances from an eclectic range of over 60 acts including Beck and Blondie. Fans can score free tickets by entering the iTunes store’s official ballot—or, for those of us too broke to afford an airline ticket, just live stream the shows on iTunes or their festival iOS app.

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Erykah Badu Slays a Twitter Follower for Calling Her a Ho

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It all started when Twitter user @LaFlareGodJosh called Erykah Badu out as the second biggest celebrity “ho” for having three kids by three different rappers. And it all ended when Erykah caught wind. With her lethal sense of humor and platform of over a million followers to watch, Badoula proceeded to unleash a hilarious slew of insults, calling the Twitter troll everything from a “broke ass Tyrese” to an “ol uglass peanut patty face ass.

But that’s not all, folks. She cracked on the poor kid’s huge head size and even gave us demonstrations with pictures of Milk Duds and the planet Earth Photoshopped into his forehead to match. Some of you may think this two-day massacre (yes, it lasted for two days) was a childish move on E’s part, but for her it was all fun and games. “Laughter is the healer,” she tweeted after she was done slaying her opponent. Hey, at least Peanut Patty Face got his 15 minutes of fame.

Read it at Urban Belle.

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