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[BLACK POP DAILY]Rihanna Parties *Hard* with Team Germany

[BLACK POP DAILY]Rihanna Parties *Hard* with Team Germany

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Rihanna Parties with Germany After FIFA World Cup Win

Germany took home the 2014 FIFA World Cup title against Argentina on Sunday, and Rihanna—who, from the looks of her Twitter, is their new biggest fan—was right there with them to celebrate. After acting a fool in the stands with the rest of her too-amped friends, the overzealous German soccer lover headed to an after-party where she flicked-it-up with a few members of the winning squad, and even held the World Cup. (Not to mention some kissy-kissy from a couple players…. it wouldn’t have been RiRi without some type of tongue action.) Bad Gal later bragged about her celebration-time with team Germany on Twitter, and I’m sure her American fans loved seeing Rih giving groupie love to an opposing team. (So cute.) But hey, she may be a traitor, but at least she’s a proud one.

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Is Shaq Teaming Up with Lil Duval for a New Basketball-Inspired Movie?

In case you haven’t heard, the new king of comedy and king of the court—Kevin Hart and LeBron James that is—have teamed up for an upcoming flick called Ballers. In response, NBA old-timer Shaquille O’Neal recently announced that if the movie really comes to fruition, he and Lil Duval will drop their own comedy film for a little friendly comp. Well, it’s good to see that Shaq is still in the competitive spirit (although he’s no longer balling with the young bucks). Let’s just be happy that Bron Bron didn’t decide to put out a full-length album with Jay Z or something… Lord knows we don’t need another Shaq Diesel.

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Jay Electronica Rants About The State of the Music Industry on Twitter

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Fresh off his headlining act at the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival on Saturday (where he was chained with Jay Z’s controversial Five Percent Nation medallion), Jay Electronica is back to spilling his guts on Twitter. After taking a couple months off from his traditional Twitter-tirade tendencies, Electronica returned to ranting yesterday with a keyboard-full of characters expressing his displeasure with the lack of depth and substance in today’s musicians.

“97% of the artist in music are making songs about absolutely nothing,” he said in a now-deleted post. And in what I’m guessing is a response to naysayers jabbering about his failure to drop his debut album, Act II (which he still hasn’t given us a release date for), Jay E stated, “What would you rather, 20 albums about nothing or 1 song about something real genuine good and true?” While you may be preaching the gospel Brother Elec, we still wanna know: when’s the damn album coming?!

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