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[BLACK POP DAILY] ‘The Boondocks’ Returns!

fantasia, gabrielle union, huey freeman from the boondocks

Fantasia Warns Women to Stay Away from Married Men

If all you single ladies out there didn’t already know to run away from men with wedding bands on their hands, Fantasia passed along the not-so-new news as co-host on ABC’s The View earlier this week. In regards to dealing with a married man, she said, “If that is the situation, run, run, fast as you can, can’t catch me I’m the gingerbread man!” So there you have it gals. Take it from a woman speaking (allegedly) from experience.

Read it at M Starz.

The Boondocks Is Back!

It’s been four long years since mastermind Aaron McGruder served us up with some fresh new episodes of The Boondocks, but all that is about to change. After being bombarded with questions from fans, Adult Swim announced that a new season is on its way, starting April 21. Brace yourselves for some Miley Cyrus twerk parodies, Grandpa Roberts’s ass-whooping sessions, and good ol’ Huey Freeman’s commentary on shameful reality shows, butt shots and the government shutdown.

Read it at The Urban Daily and Rhymes with Snitch.

Gabrielle Union Admits That She's Obsessed with Porn Stars

This is not what you think. Yes, Gabrielle Union has confessed she’s a porn star stalker. But only at the gym—or so she says. During an interview on Conan Monday night, the Being Mary Jane star said her gym of choice is home to an array of porn stars, whose workout and diet habits she tries her best to emulate. (How does she recognize them? Well, that’s a different story.) The soon-to-be Mrs. Dwyane Wade studies their every move, and revealed that she’s even asked some for a few tips and tricks. (That sounds so wrong.) But hey, it must be working because her body looks great… and D-Wade just put a ring on it. (So something tells me she got a little more than a few workout pointers.)

Read it at E! Online.

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